Highwall Lateral Support Systems

Most opencast mining projects make use of lateral support systems to ensure structural stability of highwalls surrounding the mining area for the purpose of creating safe working conditions for contract miners in the pit area.

These compound systems are designed site specifically and comprise of items such as:

  • Grouted soil nails and rock bolts acting in a passive capacity to retain earth masses:
    • High tensile steel bars installed into boreholes of various depths and diameters up to 115mm.
    • Hollow bar, self-drilling soil nails for collapsible soils.
  • Tensioned mechanical cable anchors either grouted or resin fastened into fractured rock masses to stop wedge failures.
  • Resin anchored rock bolts for high production support work in rock.
  • Reinforced Shotcrete finishes sealing the highwall face and distributing lateral forces over the area of the support system.
  • In situ drainage systems to reduce water pressure behind retaining systems

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