Dynamic Load Testing – GEO CIV

Dynamic Load Testing

Dynamic load testing is a method to assess a pile’s bearing capacity by applying a dynamic load to the pile head while recording acceleration and strain on the pile head. Dynamic load testing is a high strain dynamic test which can be applied after pile installation for concrete piles.

Dynamic Load Testing is a fast, reliable and cost effective method of evaluating foundation bearing capacity. Geo Civ Group can perform Dynamic Load Testing on driven piles, drilled shafts, auger-cast piles, micropiles, helical piles, and other cast in place foundations. It is often possible to conduct several dynamic load tests in a single day.

In addition to bearing capacity, Dynamic Load Testing provides information on resistance distribution (shaft resistance and end bearing) and evaluates the shape and integrity of the foundation element.

The Dynamic Load Test involves a substantial ram mass that impacts the top of the foundation and causes it to experience a small permanent set.