Precast Piles

The Precast pile was one of the first piling systems to be used in Southern Africa, there being a record of the piling to the old Putt Bridge in Port Alfred (now demolished) where the precast piles were installed using a steam operated piling machine, back in 1908.  Modern technology has introduced the jointing of precast piles which has overcome the original depth limitations and increased the use for this pile type.  Precast piles have a wide use, from bridges to commercial and industrial buildings.  Because of the high noise levels associated with the driving of precast piles, they are seldom used in heavily populated residential areas or in downtown city centres.

Positive Features

  • Precast piles can provide an economical solution, especially in deeper soil profiles
  • A precast pile shaft is a higher quality product than an in-situ shaft
  • Installation is quick and control on site is good

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