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GeoCiv's SHEM System is a integrated system which incorporates Health, Safety, Environment, Risk and Quality.

The system is designed and implemented to reduce Non Conformances and promote a safe work environment for all employees, contractors and visitors.

Meet The Safety Team

Maxdelene du Buson

Safety Officer & COVID-19 Compliance Manager

+27 (0)11 395 5553

Our on the ball safety officer Maxdelene joined GeoCiv Group in Aug 2018. She is a highly motivated and meticulous individual that strives to improve system/processes which in turn decreases the workload, improves site conditions and ultimately keeps the employees safe. She strives for professionalism and high safety standards.

" I strive for excellence and see every challenge as an opportunity to grow." - Maxdelene du Buson

Bella Nkomo

Safety Assistant

+27 (0)11 395 5553

Bella is Maxdelene`s right hand and together they have created and implemented an exceptional HSE system. Bella is a hard working individual and is currently busy with his Samtrac qualification. Bella has a passion for safety and for people.

"I have just taught myself to keep a positive attitude in everything I do, have an eager and willing mind to learn new things". - Bella Nkomo