Rockfall Mitigation Systems – GEO CIV

Rockfall Mitigation Systems

Rockfall mitigation is the process of eliminating the threat of rocks or boulders falling from a cut face or slope onto a working area endangering people and equipment below. Systems like these works well for stable rock formations or ground conditions that are slowly weathered by rainfall, wind and other natural forces with possibility of local failures of rock masses.

Various systems are available namely:

A free-hanging mesh, mostly anchored along the brow and toe areas of slopes and cuttings strengthened with a boundary cable. Most of these systems allow weathering to continue and let rocks to fall from the face, but in a controlled manner behind the mesh. Often these systems guide rocks to fall into a maintainable catchment area at the base of the slope or cutting.
These systems are designed to retain failing rock masses allowing no material to escape the face. The mesh is bolted to the face using a dense matrix of rock bolts, Split Sets or soil nails along the entire face of the slope. This system stops erosion and can be used in conjunction with revegetation of the slope to ensure stability.
These systems are normally placed along the top brow of a cutting or slope and catch large dislodged boulders before rolling down the face. These fences are made up of anchored steel posts with a flexible wire net and wire rope spanning between the posts.