Oxford Offices – Gauteng

This is an “active” lateral support system with soldier piles in areas adjacent to the Gautrain Servitude. The system comprises of 120 Tensioned Anchors and 900m2 of 150mm thick shotcrete arches between the piles.

The “passive” lateral support system area is made up of 350 Soil Nails and 900m2 of 200mm thick shotcrete in the soil nail areas. The excavations deeper areas reached a depth of 12m.

The Oxford Offices was a difficult project, as the Gautrain Servitude is on the western boundary and no soil nails or anchors were permitted to penetrate the servitude area. Structural piling consisted of 600mm, 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm and 1200mm diameter CFA piles to carry the various specified loads; these were socketed into bedrock.